Active Clients

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Joy Community Kitchen Inc. - Nonprofit

Digital Marketing Support - Nonprofit Volunteer

Blink Vacations - Travel Agent

Website design, Content publisher, SEO,

Black Cybersecurity Association

Marketing/Advertisement Support


Meccasia Microgreens

Meccasia Microgreens produces healthy, nutrient-rich microgreens and gourmet mushrooms.

Website designer, Logo Creator, Social Media content creator, Content publisher, SEO, and more.

(In Progress)

Neighborly Hands

Neighborly Hands provides professional in-home care services allowing our clients to remain safely and comfortably in their own homes.



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Chauffeured Seniors LLC

For seniors and persons with disabilities, we provide safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation in support of their journey to good health.

Website designer, Content creator, editor, marketer


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Win With Ms.Vonda(WWMV)

Lavonda O'Day specializes in youth, women, and family empowerment. With more than 20 years in the fields of counseling, communication, education, management, and sales, she is an advocate for living on purpose and not by default.

Website designer, Logo Creator, Content publisher


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InnerBeaute Speaks

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